Exterior Carpentry and Building Re-Painting Status – as of March 2016

Exterior Carpentry and Building Re-Painting Status – as of March 2016

As we enter spring of 2016, progress continues to be made on the single largest maintenance project that has faced the Association in recent times – the removal and replacement of aged/damaged wood in preparation for the upcoming exterior re-painting. (This project has a much broader scope to it than the recently completed re-roofing.) Our own maintenance staff crew has now made it around to the 700 building, which is approximately halfway around the entire community. They are moving in a counter-clockwise path towards the 100 building, having started the process months ago on the buildings near the pool. Below is a summary of where we are now, and what to expect over the course of the summer.

We now are ready to engage an outside subcontractor to finish whatever minor carpentry repairs may remain (on a building-by-building basis), pressure wash and caulk the buildings, then re-paint the buildings. A painting contractor has been selected, their scope of work has been discussed, and mobilization meetings have occurred.

The route the painting crews will take through the property follows the same route our own maintenance crews have taken: starting with the buildings near the pool then moving counter-clockwise around the community.

It is estimated that once building preparation begins, it will take 2-3 weeks to complete any given building. With this in mind, once the first building is started, it will take well into late summer or fall to finish the entire community. During this time, it is wise to be “mentally prepared” for the forthcoming mess and general inconvenience that is always part of a project of this nature. We, along with the painting contractor, will do our best to minimize any inconveniences – but again, expect to have them. “It’s just part of it.”

As part of the building preparation, we all need to be aware of a few general housekeeping items. The removal of storms doors, storm shutters, personal effects and any exterior adornment needs to be addressed. Over the course of past decades, a variety of behaviors that has compromised the exterior skin of our buildings has been tolerated. This tolerance has resulted in a less-than-ideal exterior aesthetic. For the good of the entire Association, to improve our property values, and to extend the lifespan of the sizable investment the Association is expending in exterior maintenance in 2016, the following specifics will be addressed:

Storm shutters will be removed and disposed of unless the unit owner can prove the storm shutters meet current applicable wind codes.

All wall art, balcony cat/dog fencing or shade curtains affixed to the exterior of the building will be removed.

Front entry storm doors will be caulked and painted around. (If the unit owner would prefer the storm door to be removed, that will be arranged for as a courtesy).

Permanently-installed retractable sun shades will be caulked and painted around.


A few weeks prior to beginning the re-paint of any given building, a notice will be distributed to the unit owners of that particular building so that they can take appropriate actions. Those actions should include notifying the Board of their desire to have their front entry storm door removed (if applicable), the removal of ALL furniture and personal effects from the exterior of their unit’s patios, decks or balconies, the removal of any loose balcony curtains or roll-up “bamboo” sun shades, and the removal of all wall art and related fasteners. Any items not removed by the time the painting contractors initiate on the given building will be removed as part of the building preparation and disposed of.

It is important to note that per the Association’s covenants and by-laws, the exterior of the buildings belong to the Association in total, not any singular unit owner. No singular unit owner has the right to change the exterior of their unit without seeking prior approval from the Association. The by-product of the re-paint project will be a “fresh-looking exterior”. It is the Association’s intent for our community to remain as pleasant-looking as possible. For that to occur, the “personalization” that has been tolerated in past years will not be tolerated following the re-paint project. Please respect both the governing documents of your Association, and your fellow unit owners. We, as a group, can move forward from the re-paint project and achieve a much cleaner exterior appearance if we would all simply refrain from hanging items on the exteriors of the buildings and refrain from allowing personal items to accumulate on the rear decks and patios.

Our focus on this subject is not unique. All attached condominium communities are governed by a similar set of conditions.

If you have any questions at all regarding the project, please visit the KACA website at http://keyallegrocondoassociation.com/ and submit your inquiry by using the “Contact the Association” button at the top left of the home page.