KACA Annual Association Meeting 2014

KACA Annual Association Meeting 2014

Annual Meeting June 7, 2014 Key Allegro Condominium Owners

 The meeting was called to order at 10 AM by the president, Clint Hilton. The Secretary verified there was a quorum present.   The Board was then introduced.

Don Sheets gave the landscaping report. He noted all the landscaping, finger piers, tennis court, swimming pool, etc. are the responsibility of the HOA When docks, balconies, etc. have large pots  placed on them it rots the wood underneath unless the pots are elevated off the wood He stated the  Board is trying to improve the aesthetics of the property.  As an example he noted Christmas lights are for Christmas and are not to be left up all year.

The swimming pool was recently resurfaced.  We are getting non-owner users.  Don asked that we be vigilant about non-owners using the pool and piers and to call police to report it.  The number to call to report trespassers is 463-9439, the personal number of Mark Corz of Rockport Police.  An owner suggested we place the number at the   pool.

Jean James gave her report. She began by asking all present to make sure we had their email address to use for information and notices from the Board.

Clint introduced Kelly Lough, our property manager.   Kelly gave his report.

He noted that new yard equipment was purchased to replace old, ineffective equipment. An investment was made in better equipment for building maintenance. We now have 4 men working on maintenance. He explained that windows and doors are now being inspected by Windstorm inspectors, who then post their findings on the Texas Ins. Website. He said to have the owner’s insurance agent check the website    so appropriate discounts can be granted by the insurers to the owners.

In general the crews work in the numerical order of the buildings, starting with the 100 building. Variation occurs when a safety issue or emergency arises.

The pool has been resurfaced and a new pump installed. The key to the gate lock is lost so locksmith will provide a new key so the code can be changed. A lock will also be added to the tennis courts.

An owner commented that paint on the buildings looks different on the same building. There was a discussion about checking each unit every six months for leaks at plumbing.  Kelly  stated he will  start   a program to check all units every 6 months for plumbing  leaks.

An owner complained about unauthorized entry in his unit and felt it was from his key being used. A suggestion was made to buy a lockbox and put his key in it with phone numbers to call if Kelly needed access to the box. Kelly stated he keeps the owners’ keys in a locked box and only he and his assistant Rodger have keys to the box containing units’ keys.  It was suggested to the complaining owner to call  the police and report another unauthorized   entry.

The owner of 710 Lauderdale commented that the stain used on the stairs does not  match  other stain.  He asked if paint colors had been selected yet when the buildings are repainted.

Jean stated we are using a professional to pick paint colors for walls and trim. There was discussion about when the units will be painted.

Jim Stech gave the financial  report.

We have over $309,000 in cash and $204,000 of it is earmarked for projects. Only I unit  is in arrears  more than 30 days. [Note: as of June 11, the owner in arrears paid the past due amount so no accounts  are 30 day past due.] Bulkhead repair has not been done nor will it be this year. Electrical work was compJeted with some .saving.’.-. Money was .saved on light poles from a  suggestjon  KeJJy made.  Part time labor will be needed for deck and wood replacement when it  is begun.

Regarding  our  current  annual  budget,  at the  end  of  12 months  it  is  anticipated  we  will  have spent

$386,000   which   is under   the  budgeted   amount.     Our budget   for  2014-2015   will   be  just under


This is the second year we’ve had a budget approaching $400,000.  We will be $58,000 short.  The  Board is of the opinion expenses will be reduced by the end  of the  next  fiscal  year.  Jim stated  he didn’t feel we needed an increase in the monthly maintenance fee if the Board was allowed to use part of the cash reserves.

Jjm aske.d for a motion to dip into the cash reserves, if needed. There was a discussion about why there would be a need to use any of the reserves. There are two different maintenance reserves. In the past Board members have personally loaned money to the Association for needed repairs and they  don’t feel they should be in that position   again.

A motion was made to accept the coming budget; it was seconded and approved. Then a motion was made to allow the Board to dip into the bridge fund if needed, up to $30,000. 1t was seconded and  passed.

Bills are going out for the insurance on the buildings, which owners pay. There was a reduction in the cost of the flood portion last year so bills are less than previous years. This insurance does not cover personal property. That is the responsibility and the expense of the owners. Jim also noted water heaters have a short life in this environment and suggested that a plumber be consulted as to the age  and condition of the owners’ water heaters. While there, have the plumber check the condition of the washing machine hoses. The HOA does not cover damage caused by water heaters so any damage caused by leaking water heaters is at the expense of the   owners.

Election of officers came next. Two Board members’ terms are expiring. The Nomination Committee proposed Don Sheets and LaRetta Allen as the new Board members. An owner suggested the nominating process begin earlier so more owners would consider joining. Members voted for both nominees.

Kelly Lough’s number is 979-877-5160 and Roger Ramos is 361-229-3401. If maintenance is needed owners can call them.

Clint talked about the website for the owners.   The user ID is ‘Members’ and the pass word is ‘Rockport’, both with a capital first letter. The pool code is 241 but will be changed soon. Glenn Harper hosts our website. Our web address is: keyallegrocondominiums.com. A discussion followed about satellite service for the owners and there was no consensus about service or service providers.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:43. Everyone was invited to stay and enjoy a light brunch. Respectfully submitted,

LaRetta Allen