KACA Board Meeting December 12, 2015

KACA Board Meeting December 12, 2015

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Minutes for Dec. 12, 2015

804 Sandollar



Attendance:  Bob Barber, Richard Beck, Paul Stern, Jim Stech and Don Sheets.   Jean James –scribe


Meeting called to order at 9:05am

Minutes of the October 17 board meeting were previously approved by email


Financial:   Jim Stech

Reported $223,000 in bank and $21,000 in operating cash.    Association is on budget for the month.   Current overage on expenses is due to construction materials.

There is one unit in arrears and the letter to set up payments has been sent.


Motion was made by Jim Stech and seconded by Don Sheets to give $100 Christmas bonus to each crew member and Kelly’s annual $1,000 bonus in January.  Passed unanimously.


Jim Stech made the motion to take the warranty, including labor, on the roof work at $900.  Paul moved and Richard seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Maintenance/Repairs:  Kelly Lough provided in writing in Kelly’s absence.

After discussion of the carpentry repairs underway in preparation for the exterior re-painting,  it was unanimously decided that Paul and Kelly should do a quality control inspection of each building as they are initially reported to be completed, thereby creating a list of items remaining to be addressed. The target date for this review is Wednesday 12/30, during which all buildings reported to be completed thus far would be reviewed.  Other Board members are welcome to participate in this review if they so desire. The resulting building-by-building punch list will need to be completed in order for a building to be deemed “ready” to be re-painted.


After discussion, there will be a Spring Cleaning date to clean up the grounds in early spring.  A notice will go out one month before the event.


Action Items:

  1. Policy on enforcement: Bob wrote a form letter in which the violation and the date required to

Rectify are simply filled in and letter sent from the board.  If the corrections have not been made by the deadline date in the letter, the Board will proceed to rectify the situation and bill the owner.   If the owner does not pay the bill, then our attorney will send the collection letter and owner will be considered in arrears.


Currently there are several units with electrical in the water, canoes and window units, all violations and the new letter will be sent out


  1. Storm Shutters: for the newsletter

The painters will need to paint behind the storm shutters, so they will be removed.  However, once down, if they are not compliant with current wind storm rules, the association cannot legally put the shutters back up.   Proof that the shutters are compliant will need to be provided by the home owner.

  1. Storm Doors: for the newsletter – if a storm door is not wanted, KACA will remove it.  If a storm door is wanted, there is one the board has approved for all units which will be installed.  This is a single pane glass door. All current storm doors are grandfathered.


  1. Property Lighting:

Paul researched the cost of light replacement to be about $130 per unit.  This cost will be reviewed when the painting bid is received to be prioritized.


Painting Status:

Kelly is being asked to obtain three bids.  The Board  will also assist with this. Paul is actively contacting local commercial painting contractors in the attempt of getting someone truly qualified and insured to perform a project of this nature. It was suggested that the painter who is currently working at Allegro North be contacted.   The board expressed an interest in having the selected painter weigh in on color placement/usage to be cost effective.


General discussion:

A bulkhead is failing by the 100 building off Nassau.  If it is cap failure, the cap is removed and replaced, as well as level the dock.  Don presented a company, DSMS, who specializes in bulkhead repair.  The extent of the damage will be assessed and a bid will be obtained.


Don asked that KACA join the Aquarium as a business member at $100, as we have done previously. Jim Stech motioned and Paul seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 11:20am. No meeting date set.



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