KACA Board Meeting February 20, 2016

KACA Board Meeting February 20, 2016

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Minutes for February 20, 2016

Conference Call 2:00pm


Attendance:  Bob Barber, Richard Beck, Paul Stern, Jim Stech and Don Sheets.   Jean James –scribe


Meeting called to order at 2:08pm


Financial:   Jim Stech

Building repairs, wood replacement, stairwells, etc. have put a strain on the budget.


Maintenance/Repairs:  Kelly Lough provided in writing in Kelly’s absence.

Work continues on buildings 12, 14, 700 to replace rotten wood, in preparation of painting

Other routine maintenance projects continue.  Report attached.


Action Items:

Quote:  previous minutes:

“Policy on enforcement:  Bob wrote a form letter in which the violation and the date required to

Rectify are simply filled in and letter sent from the board.  If the corrections have not been made by the date on the letter, the Board will proceed to rectify the situation and bill the owner.   If the owner does not pay the bill, then our attorney will send the collection letter and owner will be considered in arrears.

Currently there are several units with electrical in the water, canoes and window units, all violations and the new letter will be sent out”


At the time of this meeting, there were still violators, even after notice was in newsletter.  This group will receive the form letter asking to cease and decease.  After discussion, it was agreed that policy, based upon our governing documents will be enforced.


Painting Status:

Two bids were obtained.    S & S along with the painter at Allegro North both offered quotes around $165,000.00 to paint complex.  S&S has carpentry ability as well as painting.    Our budget is $200,000.004

After discussion, it was agreed that KOA crew continues to replace and repair wood.  The painting company hired will be able to do the remained, potentially missed repair work.

Motion was made by Paul Stern to hire S&S with a lump sum bid on painting and a time/material bid for remaining repairs.   Seconded by Don Sheets.  Passed unanimously.

This will be a building by building project with each building completed before moving forward.


Paint Color:

Color selection will be sea mist green on walls; brown shutters if shutter decision moves forward; and off white on fascia and detailing.  Color selection will be checked with paint expert.

Paul to verify high quality paint, such as Sherwin Williams is used for this project.


General discussion:

Focus for work on property

After discussion, it was agreed that Kelly is a maintenance manager who is now acting as a construction manager with all the repairs.  Kelly is also part time.

Motion was made by Paul Stern to begin investigation to hire a property management company.  Bob Barber seconded.  Passed unanimously.

This is to be presented to the homeowners at the annual meeting.


Property Status:

Don Sheets reported he is obtaining bids for the sea wall and bulk heads.


Board Vacancies:

Both Jim Stech and Don Sheets have resigned from the board, effective immediately.   Two individuals have expressed interest in joining the board.

After discussion, it was agreed Mary Jo Lyon and Tom Geren would be asked to join the board to fill the two vacancies created by these two resignations.

If these two accept, they will attend the April 30 board meeting.  Jim and Don will continue to consult through the annual meeting.

Richard will call both Mary Jo and Tom.


Meeting adjourned at 3:45pm.    Next meeting will be April 30.