KACA Board Meeting February 7, 2015

KACA Board Meeting February 7, 2015

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Key Allegro Condo Association Board Meeting February 7, 2015
The meeting was called to order at 9:00. Location was 27 Whooping Crane on Key Allegro.

Present were Clint Hilton, Dave Covington, Kelly Lough, Jim Stech and LaRetta Allen.

Kelly gave the following maintenance report: on the 100 bldg the decks have been replaced with some exterior trim work to be completed. On the 200 building both upper and lower decks are complete but there is still some exterior siding needing replacement. On 600 the decks are complete but siding and stair replacement are not finished. 700 building all decks are finished with some repairs to siding and steps remaining. On the 800 building stairs and deck repair is pending. 900 bldg is complete, with upper/lower decks replaced, stairs rebuilt and rotted siding replaced. Work is pending on the 1000 building. 1100 is complete, with all decks, stairs and siding replaced. On 1200 all upper and lower decks are finished with siding and trim to be completed. The decks on the 1400 building are complete but siding and trim work is pending. 300 and 400 buildings are pending.

When stairs are rebuilt the landings and supports are replaced and the concrete footings re-poured.

Regarding electric meters: 600 building is done. When the box was replaced it was found that a two pole breaker had been burned out. Which unit it was affecting is unknown. Kelly and his men are finding extensive termite damage (inactive) behind the exterior meters. This requires reframing of the walls, replacing of siding /facia boards, caulking joints, applying primer and repainting so the meters will have a secure attachment. Termite treatment is being done to the areas before the siding is replaced.

The 700 bldg has had its meters replaced, as has the 800 and 900 buildings. 1000 is done but a trash receptacle had to be permanently moved so the City could get to the meter to inspect it. All meter replacements have been inspected and approved by the City, as well as AEP (the service provider). 1100, 1200 and 1400 buildings are done. 5 remaining meters are scheduled to be changed and then all building meter replacements will be complete. Service to the pool was replaced when the 900 meter was replaced.

New doors have been ordered for the bathrooms at the pool and will be installed (and painted) shortly. Benches at the gazebo are in bad shape and need replacement. Kelly and his men are saving usable wood from deck replacements and repurposing the wood as much as possible. He believes there will be enough of that wood to replace the benches completely.

Chain link fencing at the tennis courts is rusting through. Kelly recommends getting estimates for replacing sections of the chain link. It won’t be possible to replace small sections within larger ones. Any replacement may have to wait until the next fiscal year.
In front of the 500 bldg were some dead hedges. Hedges had to be removed when the trash container was moved by the 1000 building and those shrubs were used to replace the dead hedges at 500. However, those replacements have died. Kelly will try to replace the soil before replanting shrubs at the 500 bldg. Stage 2 watering restrictions in place in Rockport will make maintaining shrubbery and grass difficult until the restrictions are lifted. Until then when watering can be increased all the landscaping will not look its best.

All chimney caps and covers have been replaced . Unexpected work required by new City regulations was completed at that time.
To comply with new Texas Windstorm insurance requirements all air conditioning units have been re-secured and the work inspected. To keep our windstorm insurance in force it cost the Association over $10,000 to both; meet Windstorm’s new requirements and pay for multiple inspections. Little notice was given for these new changes and only two weeks to meet their deadline so all maintenance work was postponed while our crew worked to meet the challenge.


Jim gave the financial report: Cash is a healthy $302K, however this is committed to reserves. Operation cash has been consumed by projects that the board funded without a special assessment. Unit 1402 has been referred to an attorney for collection. Income Statements: December operating expense was $6,000 less than budgeted and for the first time was less than the maintenance revenue of $29,000. Year-to-date operating expense exceeded budget $24,000 and maintenance revenue by $55,000. We anticipate these variances to improve during the remaining 6 months of this fiscal year.

A discussion followed about giving the owners an accounting of improvements achieved over the last year. Smoke detectors were also discussed. Once a quarter Kelly and his men check the units’ smoke detectors and they change batteries once a year. Because ionization chambers in smoke detectors fail after extended use, when the list of improvements is mailed to the owners there will be a reminder to replace detectors if older than 10 years.

The meeting adjourned at 11am without a date in April chosen for the next meeting.

Respectfully submitted: LaRetta Allen, Secretary