KACA Board Meeting June 20, 2015

KACA Board Meeting June 20, 2015

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KAC Board of Directors Meeting
Saturday, June 20, 2015
10:00 am
1201 Mazatlán
Rockport, Texas

I. The meeting came to order @ 10:30 am. The three new Board members in attendance were: Bob Barber, New Braunfels (1102 Sandollar), Richard Beck, Austin (804 Sandollar) and Paul Stern, San Antonio (810 Sandollar). Current Board members: Don Sheets, Rockport and Jim Stech, Richmond (1201 Mazatlán) were also in attendance.

Kelly Lough, KAC Condominiums Maintenance Supervisor, attended.

II. Financials- Treasurer Jim Stech gave a financial overview of the association’s finances. He reported that after several years of budget difficulties and tight management of the finances by the previous Board, the Budget for 2015 -16 is expected to restore cash on hand with a positive cash flow. The monthly maintenance fee will remain the same at $300. 00 per month.

III. Landscape Architecture- Don Sheets gave a historical overview of the landscaping and current plans. Don reported that Kelly Lough and his maintenance crew were going to review the state of the landscape and give him recommendations. Don will then go over those recommendations with a professional landscape architect and get his professional opinion.

IV. Maintenance and Repairs- Kelly Lough passed out a comprehensive report on repairs & maintenance projects going on in the condo complex. He gave a building by building progress report. The repair projects going on/or completed include :replacing decks & divider walls, replacing all chimney covers and caps, installation of AC hurricane straps on the roof top units, replacing all meter boxes & building new covers, replacing siding where needed, and replacing stairs and stair wells going up to 2nd story condos. Mr. Lough gave a brief report on future repairs that the Board needs to prepare for. It is recognized that the roof needs attention in some places and the Board asked to get a report from a roofing company on where the trouble spots are and whether or not they can be repaired and kept up to windstorm insurance code or will all the roofs need to be replaced. The Board also discussed painting the entire complex but will need to know the roof status before going forward with that big project. Paul Stern, due to his construction expertise, was asked to be the point person from the Board to oversee operations and bring ideas on the roof and painting back to the Board. The Board thanked Mr. Lough for his report and he left the meeting.

V. Officers and committees- After a discussion about the duties of the Board and officer positions. The new officers elected were: President- Richard Beck, Vice President – Paul Stern (Operations) and Secretary- Bob Barber (Communications). Jim Stech very graciously agreed to continue as Treasurer and Don Sheets agreed to continue his duty as oversight on the landscape architecture.

VI. Condominium Insurance Coverages- At the request of Bob Barber, Jim Stech gave a report on the insurance coverages for the complex. The agent for the association is GSM Insurors of Rockport. The Board was pleased with the current coverages in place.

VII. General Discussion- the Board had an extended discussion about maintenance & repairs, the paid staff, the website and other items. This was mainly to get the new members up to speed. The new members were told that this was a working Board and all will be expected to contribute. The new members enthusiastically accepted the responsibility.

VIII. Next meeting- Was agreed that the next official meeting would be on August 29, 2015 with details TBD.

IX. Adjournment- Meeting was adjourned at 12:15 pm