KACA Board Meeting March 14, 2015

KACA Board Meeting March 14, 2015

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KACA Board Meeting March 14, 2015 Location: 27 Whooping Crane, Rockport

Present: Don Sheets, LaRetta Allen and Jim Stech

The meeting began at 9am with a report by Kelly Lough:

The 500 building meter boxes were completed this past week. Meters at buildings 300, 400, 100 and 200 remain to be changed but they will be completed by mid-May. Work on the meters are done Tuesday through Thursday to make sure owners or renters are not inconvenienced over a weekend.

Unit 1102 sold and the Realtor called about jumbled exterior wiring noted in the buyer’s inspection report It was decided, since it was not approved, to remove it completely by Kelly’s men. The deck at 1006 has been completed and 4 windows replaced at that location.
There is a continuing problem with renters and new owners disposing of packing boxes in or by the trash cans instead of putting them in our dumpster. At the 1100 and 1000 bldgs it happens frequently. This is a disruption to the workmen’s duties as they have to stop what they’re working on and remove the broken down boxes and haul them to the dumpster by the tennis courts.

At the present time Kelly’s men are working on the 1000 building’s decks and balconies and will move to the 800 building to work on the front stairwells. Decks at the 1200 and 1400 buildings are finished. Next will be decks at the 600 building.

Kelly stated he has been replacing patio door screens frequently as a result of renters damaging them. In some cases he has replaced door screens three times on the same unit. This is becoming an unexpected and expensive undertaking.

Kelly noted pet waste has become a major problem. Winter’s mowing schedule is less frequent so with warmer weather Kelly’s men are beginning to mow more often and are finding multiple piles of waste when they mow. Renters in two particular buildings seem to be the most flagrant violaters of the pet rules. He is asking, for the sake of his men (and not the least the health of our owners) that we address the issue with owners and remind everyone of City and KACA rules.
Kelly will supply a list of improvements and replacements over the last few years in time for dissemination at the annual meeting. Having finished his report, Kelly left the meeting.

A discussion followed about reminding owners the rules regarding BBQing, trash disposal (owners may not know there is a dumpster for empty boxes), pet waste, etc. We will send out another reminder to the owners in the monthly statements.

It was decided there are 2 issues necessitating changes to our P & P’s—owners being fined if they or their renters don’t clean up after pets and the replacement of patio and window screens. Beginning in May owners will be fined $100 if someone using their unit does not clean up after their pet. Also beginning in May patio and window screens will only be replaced by the Association when the patio door or window(s) is replaced.
Any other time the owner will be responsible for the screen replacement.

A unit owner sent text to Kelly about a boat that has been illegally moored for 3 months. Jim told Kelly to ask TX Dept. of Parks and Wildlife to find out who the owner is and we will attempt to locate the owner and give him/her an opportunity to move the boat.

Jim noted 4 units are in arrears in their assessments and maint. fees. The attorney for the assoc. will change the interest from 8% to 18% plus a $50 fee allowed by law on the unpaid fees and assessments. He stated Barbara Klemm has left the employ of Johnson and Cate.
We were within budget for this month’s operating expense. We are over budget for the year, due mainly to building maintenance expense and the cost of wood. Finger piers will be the next upcoming expense to the budget besides painting.
The meeting adjourned at 10:45 am. No date was set for the next meeting.

Respectfully submitted: LaRetta Allen, Secretary