KACA Board Meeting September 17, 2016

KACA Board Meeting September 17, 2016

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Attending:  Richard Beck, Paul Stern via cell phone, Bob Barber, Tom Geren, Mary Jo Lyons, Gayle Connolly

Call to ORDER -Richard Beck 9:50 AM

Host – Bob Barber 1102 Sandollar

General Discussion:

Talked about the architectural control of the properties. Board feels positive that the painting project is really looking good and should go a long way to improve property values. Gayle is encouraging owners to get involved and take care of minor things as they see them.

Gayle Connolly – Welcome and Property Update

Gayle proposed that she feels it is better to have S&S do window repair as they get to each building. But this approach might front load the expenses into the paint project. Board agreed that the crew should not be doing major repairs and we should use the actual carpenters do these repairs. Paul suggested we do our own inspection 2 buildings out to determine what windows and doors need to be replaced. Currently we rely on owners to request replacement.

Based on input from the board, it was agreed that the grounds should be our next big focus after the paint project to protect and improve the overall appearance of the property. Gayle made the recommendation to hire a professional landscaping crew. This would allow us to reduce head count on the maintenance crew and would transfer the ongoing expense of maintaining equipment. This approach would also provide a more consistent level of detail and care to the overall appearance of the grounds that we were just not seeing from the current crew.  It was agreed that we would prefer a company that would handle mowing, edging, blowing, weed control and hedge trimming. Gayle provided her recommendation on what company to hire. The board voted all in favor to move forward. Gayle was to review the contract, make necessary edits and provide copies to Richard and Tom.

Maintenance Crew – need to have them look at the finger piers, basic painting, Gayle suggests we can create a new set of responsibilities for Roger as we look at reshaping the maintenance team and hiring a professional lawn management service.

Richard – made a motion to begin a monthly unit building inspection. This will be presented in the newsletter to the owners to protect all units in the building from unforeseen damage from a nearby unit that may be empty or have absentee owners. Motion was seconded by Mary Jo Lyons

Manager’s report – all approved, good discussion

Tom Geren – Financials

Reviewed the budget, motion maid to accept financial and budget, Bob motioned to approve, Richard seconded.

Tom motioned to move forward w/ letter to owner of unit 611 outlining mandatory repairs to protect the property, Bob seconded it

Permission granted to Gayle to open account at Home Depot for light fixtures, cheaper at HD.

Richard Beck – Review of Annual Meeting and other Agenda Items

Reviewed KACA Regulations, Policies & Procedures, discussed updates and needed edits.

Board agreed to table the tennis court issue until the next owners meeting. The findings from the survey were mixed with a virtual split between wanting to maintain the tennis courts or repurpose the space to benefit the owners and the property in other ways.

Paul agreed to continue managing the website for now.

Board discussed need to find replacement. Discussed items of interest for next newsletter including mention of a board member to replace Paul once the painting project is complete.


Next board meeting –  November 2, 2016 at 7:00PM Phone Meeting

Bob Barber to set up dial in instructions

Meeting adjourned 2:00 PM