KACA Boarding Meeting December 17, 2016

KACA Boarding Meeting December 17, 2016

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Attending:  Richard Beck, Bob Barber, Tom Geren, Mary Jo Lyons, Gayle Connolly

Call to ORDER -Richard Beck 9:50 AM

Host – Tom Geren – 612 Lauderdale

Executive Session:

An executive session was initiated to kick off the meeting to discuss personnel issues and project status.

General Session:

Call to Order- Richard Beck 9:30 AM

Selection of Date & Place for Annual Meeting of Property Owners –June 10, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

Richard contacted Key Allegro Real Estate to secure the Allegro House for the meeting. It was available on the calendar. Richard agreed he would follow up and book the date and time for our next owners meeting. The board discussed the amendment to the bylaws that was previously approved in prior board meeting addressing the date and times that the Annual Owners Meeting is to be held, allowing for more flexibility and minimizing potential scheduling conflicts. The board remained in agreement on the amended changes. Richard agreed that he would be responsible for recording the changes with the City of Rockport. Mary Jo agreed she would make the edits to the policies and procedures section g-12 as discussed and previously agreed.

Financials –  Tom Geren

General Budget and November Financials

Tom reviewed the general budget actuals vs. budget with the group. Discussed the November Financial Report.

Reviewed aged accounts receivable. Tom agreed to follow up and request a lien from our attorney for those units in arears on monthly dues for > 60 days. Tom motioned that we include a due date of the 15th of the month on future invoices for dues and assessments.  Richard seconded the motion. Motion passed. Mary Jo agreed to update the language to the policies and procedures.

The board agreed that we needed clarification on the amount of money currently set aside to meet deductibles for wind storm policies in case of a weather disaster. The current budget has funds set aside for this but we feel the amount may be more than what is needed. Mary Jo motioned that Tom and Gayle reach out the GSM for clarification on this so that we have a clear understanding prior to the budget call in January. Richard seconded the motion. We agreed that it would be good to have a representative from GSM Insurance attend a future board meeting to bring us all up to speed on our insurance requirements and current coverages.


Financial & Budget discussion & planning for completion of maintenance

The board raised concerns about the pace of work being accomplished and escalating costs due to wood replacement in the current paint and repair project. We acknowledged that the estimate for the current project by S&S painting only reflected the painting project and there was not a detailed scope of work that included repair and replacement of any rotten wood or infrastructure repairs that were needed. The board was in unanimous agreement that the work was critical to the long-term viability and maintenance of the complex. We agreed that the project did seem to be taking much longer than expected and that we must get a handle on the remaining liability of the project.

The board requested that Gayle ask S&S to come to a stopping place on the current work and provide a detailed invoice for all outstanding work completed and a current punch list for any outstanding detail items that may have been missed with a mutually agreeable completion date. S&S will be asked to provide a firm bid for the remaining 5 buildings including cost of labor and materials to provide the board with a clear understanding of the future liability associated with this project. Gayle shared that she had also been in contact with another contractor, Don Larson with Restoration Construction and she would request the same from them. Once the estimates for the future work are provided the board would decide if we needed to change direction on this project. Mary Jo motioned for Gayle to move forward on this and Richard seconded the motion. It was agreed that Gayle would provide this to the board by January 10, 2017. Gayle would to get price comparisons for any needed materials as needed. This would ensure cost savings if available.

It was also agreed that Gayle would meet with the contractor at a minimum of two times per week face to face on the property for updates. This motion was made by Mary Jo and seconded by Richard.

Short discussion on starting of planning for fiscal 2017

The board agreed that further budget discussions were pointless until we had a better understanding of the outstanding liability regarding the current paint project. It was agreed that the board would meet via conference call in mid-January to discuss the painting budget and review the budget plans for fiscal 2017 in more detail once we had a firm estimate for remaining work to be completed.                    

Property Manager Report- Gayle Connolly

Gayle asked if we had a method for warning residents about any emergency weather related issues. There was concern about recent high winds and the damage this can have to the complex as well as any personal property left unattended by owners. The board agreed that any attempt to provide an email or calling campaign would be too onerous and difficult for the board to maintain. We agreed that we would provide ongoing reminders to owners via the newsletter to secure personal property including patio furniture left on balconies.


Status of the building updates

Paint and Rebuild Project – General discussion held regarding concerns about current paint and repair project. The board expressed concerns that the current punch list items were not being addressed in a timely manner. Mary Jo motioned that Gayle request a punch list for each building completed to be signed by S&S and a date of completion requested by S&S. Any outstanding punch lists would be completed by January 15, 2017. Cost of any incomplete items would be deducted from future invoices. Tom seconded this motion and Gayle agreed to have the discussion and provide a status update to the board during January conference call. See notes for this under the budget discussion above.


Bulkhead Project – The board reviewed the revised contract and scope of work to be completed by Uretek for work to stabilize and seal bulkheads. Contract was signed, copies provided to board, Mary Jo to scan contract and file in KACA Contract folder on Google Docs. The board agreed that this work needed to begin asap however we requested a delay until after the January budget discussion.



      Fire extinguisher update

The work on his project was almost complete. Roger and staff have completed the placement of  boxes and would be securing the fire extinguishers shortly.


Personnel review

The board discussed the current maintenance staff. Gayle shared that she was pleased with the work that was being done and that things were going well. The board agreed that there were no known issues. We discussed current payroll obligations. Raises were discussed for staff and approved effective 1/2/2016 to align them closer with similar roles at similar properties. The board also approved a modest holiday bonus to be paid out of petty cash. Gayle agreed to facilitate this.


Review of subcontractors (lawn, pest control, garbage)

Gayle recommended that we review the contracts for the current subcontractors to see if opportunities for cost savings and to ensure agreement on the scope of work for each contractor. Mary Jo motioned that Gayle provide this to the board by February 1, 2017 so that we would have firm estimates for on-going costs for our budget work. Richard seconded this motion.

Richard asked Gayle to complete an audit of all tools including status of current mowers now that we have moved to hiring a lawn maintenance service. Gayle to provide status of what we have on hand and where it’s located.

Document Retention & Storage Policy- Tom Geren & Mary Jo Lyons

How, what & where to store permanently

As part of the general discussion the board discussed the status of using the KACA folder in Google Docs. It was agreed that the board needed to implement a document management system that was sustainable, easily accessible to all board members and inexpensive. It was agreed that Google Docs seemed to be a good solution and was working.


Mary Jo shared that she had set up folders within folders for both board meetings and owners meetings and that all documents pertaining to each meeting would be stored in these folders including agendas, meeting minutes and any other supporting documents discussed in the meetings. Richard and Tom had been given access for editing and sharing. Gayle would be given view only access.


Bob shared that ownership status could be changed. The board agreed that the secretary should be the owner of this and be responsible for maintaining the folder. Bob agreed that he would see about changing ownership of the folder to Mary Jo.

Responsibility for updates

It was agreed that updates would be a shared responsibility. Mary Jo would maintain the meeting folders, Tom would manage the financial documents folder and other changes would be done as needed.


Website & Newsletter (going forward)- Tom Geren & Mary Jo


The board discussed current Website and Newsletter status due to the changes in the board. It was suggested that we find an option that was sustainable through multiple changes in board members. Mary Jo agreed to contact Paul Stern and investigate taking over the current website and domain and see if administration and ownership can be transferred to the KACA board. Mary Jo also shared the possibility of utilizing the new Google Sites. If this can be done with no costs and administration privileges can be changed as needed the board agreed that this may be the best approach.


Bob Barber said that his wife Racheal has been publishing the current Newsletter and would be happy to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. It was agreed that we would keep an ongoing list of topics and ideas to provide to Racheal and continue to publish on a quarterly basis. The ongoing list of topics would be housed in Google Doc so that all members of the board would have access.



Replacement of Board Members Paul Stern & Bob Barber   


The board discussed the need to act quickly to replace the current vacancies on the board since both Paul Stern and Bob Barber have been successful in selling their units. The by-laws state that all board member must be property owners to participate in the board. Richard reminded the board that owners elect board members and then the board elect’s officers. The board had received an indication of interest from Bob Glidewell #103. Tom Geren proposed that his neighbor Charles Adams in #606 would be a good prospect as well. The board agreed that we would ask both Charles and Bob if they would be willing to serve on a temporary basis to complete the unexpired terms of the two current vacancies. They would then be encouraged to run for a permanent position along with any other interested candidates at the Annual Owners Meeting in June. Richard agreed to contact Bob and Tom agreed to reach out the Charles.


Other Business – Policies, communications & so forth    

The board agreed that we needed to address future capital planning needs including budgeting for future repair and on-going maintenance of balconies, patios, staircases, piers and bulkheads. This would be a discussion topic for our next board meeting.

Update on P&P revisions

It was agreed that more time was needed to make the previously discussed revisions to the policies and procedures. Mary Jo agreed to review these as needed and make any outstanding changes by the next board meeting.

New / Other needed revisions 

Next Meeting

The board agreed the next formal meeting would be in April. Date and time TBD.  A conference call would be held on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 @ 2:00 PM to finalize discussion of the budget for 2017.

Mary Jo to look into options for free conference call services prior to January call date.