KACA Boarding Meeting July 17, 2016

KACA Boarding Meeting July 17, 2016

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Attending:  Richard Beck, Paul Stern, Bob Barber, Tom Geren, Mary Jo Lyons,

Call to ORDER -Richard Beck 5:00PM

Executive Session

The group went into an executive session to discuss personnel issues and consideration of various property management options.

Property Management

At the close of the executive session Paul Stern presented his recommendation to hire a full time professional property management firm, specifically Gayle Connolly and Amalmahaye Management, LLC. The board reviewed her credentials and experience and agreed on a course of action.

A motion was made by Mary Jo Lyons to accept Paul’s recommendation and move forward with hiring Amalmahaye Management, LLC. Bob Barber seconded the motion. The motion was carried with all board members voting in favor of implementing an immediate change.

The board agreed that Gayle would be responsible for taking all incoming resident complaints and concerns, enforcing all KACA rules and assume management of the current maintenance staff. Richard Beck agreed to move forward with contacting Gayle and making an official offer. It was agreed that upon her acceptance the board would notify Kelly Lough of the change in direction effective immediately.

Potential Change to Board

Paul Stern announced that he has accepted a new job offer and will be relocating to Palm Beach, Florida. He is in the process of selling his condo. Paul has been the driving force in our current construction and painting project and the board welcomed his commitment to stay active and engaged until completion of this project. The board is appreciative of this gesture and all agreed that Paul has served us well and has been an asset to the board. His will be tough shoes to fill. Richard Beck asked for all board members to be thinking about potential replacements and to communicate directly with him the names of possible replacement candidates.

Richard announced that we would hold a formal board meeting in August to introduce Gayle and talk about any other current business. He asked for each member to submit their availability.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 PM.