KACA Boarding Meeting July, 25, 2015

KACA Boarding Meeting July, 25, 2015

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(As corrected & approved 8/29/15 meeting)

KAC Board of Directors Workshop Meeting
July 25, 2015
804 Sandollar
3:30 pm

Attendees: Richard Beck, Don Sheets, Jim Stech and Paul Stern. Board member Bob Barber was absent due to a family matter.

1. Call to order- The meeting was called to order by Richard Beck at 3:30 pm

2. Minutes approval- Don Sheets made the motion to approve the minutes of the June 29, 2015 Board meeting. Jim Steck provided a second and the motion passed. (At the 8/29/15 meeting Jim Stech pointed out that these minutes failed to reflect that the Board had previously approved an 18 % penalty be assessed to past due balances of condo owners. That motion was made my Jim Stech and unanimously approved is hereby noted and corrected).
Website maintenance, duties of the Secretary, possible need for (Secretary Assistant), individual Board members roles and communication among Board members and Maintenance Supervisor Kelly Lough was thoroughly discussed. It was re-enforced that this Board is a working volunteer Board to continue to maintain the property in an efficient to manner to hold down fees and maximize increased “property value” of Key Allegro Condominiums owners. Paul Stern reported that his wife, Jamie had volunteered to maintain the website and to make it more appealing to future buyers. The Board members all expressed their sincere appreciation thru Paul for Jamie’s generous offer.

3. Financial Report- Jim Stech gave the financial report, reviewing Johnson & Cate’s Compilation Report, month ended June 30, 2015. The report continues to indicate the budget assumptions for 2015-16 to achieve a positive cash flow, are on track barring some unforeseen incident or expense.

4. Maintenance & Repairs Report – Due to Kelly Lough’s excused absence, Paul Stern reviewed the Maintenance Report with the Board. Paul, due to his current position with a large homebuilder and experience in the construction business was chosen to be the main Board contact for Kelly Lough. In the past several years Jim Stech graciously volunteered for that critical role. General Discussion: A discussion continued about how best to define exterior repairs scope of work, assessment of completion of that work, painting timelines for all buildings, roof repair, and assessment of damage & developing a bid to engage a roof contractor. The Board wanted to get a good idea of the roof and painting estimates to make sure to stay within the Reserve Maintenance fund so to avoid any new assessments to condo owners.

5. Review of KCA Rules & Policies- Paul Stern led a review of KACA Rules & Policy. It was a general consensus that some rules need to be clarified, re-written, or additional rules drafted. The changes once written & approved should be distributed to condo owners with a defined grace period to give homeowners time to get in compliance. The discussion also included such issues as: storage of kayaks, canoes, fishing equipment stored in the open on condo decks which detracts from the aesthetics and could impact the perception of the value of the condos. The discussion also included owners making electrical or other exterior modifications against KAC rules and without prior authorization. It was agreed to continue this discussion at the next meeting.

6. Landscaping (Don Sheets) – Don reported that he & some of the maintenance crew were preparing to do a thorough walk thru to identify needed changes and replacements. He then was going to review it with a professional landscaper and report back.

7. Canal & water safety – The Board discussed ladder placements & condition, and the potential addition of life rings. Kelly Lough will be asked to evaluate the condition of the ladders & report back to the Board.

8. Next Meeting Date – The Board agreed to have the next meeting on August 29, 2015, with time & place TBD.

9. Adjournment- The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm.