Q & A: Regarding Key Allegro Condominiums Exterior Carpentry and Re-Painting

Q & A: Regarding Key Allegro Condominiums Exterior Carpentry and Re-Painting

Q & A:  Regarding Key Allegro Condominiums Exterior Carpentry and Re-Painting

  1. Preparation for re-paintingRefer to March 16 status letter posted on website

http://keyallegrocondoassociation.com . Additional clarification – Items attached to exterior walls of the condos that are removed for the re-paint SHOULD NOT BE RE-HUNG POST PAINTING to be in compliance of the covenants and by-laws of the association.


  1. Color Selection Process: Contrary to some owner’s impressions, no previous Board, according to the review of the last 3 years of minutes of Board meetings & publications ever took any official action to involve owners to review or vote on color selection.


 The Board always appreciates owners input but the Board is elected to make decisions on behalf of the owners for the general good of the association and community.  This current VOLUNTEER Board has spent an enormous amount of personal time, both during Board meetings and in between meetings,   due to the number of projects that needed to be completed in a timely and efficient manner. This Board decided it was time to move forward and get these projects completed.


The Board members themselves have no expertise in color selection or design and unanimously voted to retain a consultant to select a color scheme that would be clean, crisp, contemporary, and coastal while not being too bright or outlandish. Steve Aikin of Maison Et Jardin, LLC in Rockport was selected.  He is well known in the area and has done design and interior work on prestigious projects such as, The Islands of Rockport, LaBuena Vida and the Boardwalk, as well as numerous renovation & remodeling projects on Key Allegro Isles. His website is http://maisonrockport.com 


  1. Final Color Selection Result: The Board spent a lot of time in collaboration with each other and Mr. Akin and is quite confident and comfortable that his final recommendation and our unanimous decision will please the vast majority of Key Allegro Condominium’s owners. The final decision has been made on this issue and we are looking forward to its completion in an expeditious manner. 

Note: the colors may be hard to judge from a website, due to how different monitors render colors differently. The color theme could be generically described as an alternating (but coordinating with one another) building-by-building scheme of pale coastal green and pale coastal blue, both with off-white trim.

 A color board may be obtained at any Sherwin Williams, by asking for the “Southern Shores and Beaches” collection or the colors can be seen on the Sherwin Williams website by clicking on this link to the collection :(see colors chosen below the website link) http://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/find-and-explore-colors/paint-colors-by-collection/exterior-color-schemes/southern-shores-and-beaches/

The wall colors will alternate between buildings:     

                  KOI POND, SW 7727 and/or DOCKSIDE BLUE, SW7601 (depending on the building)

Trim color on all buildings: 




Door Color on all buildings: